More Fish Pond – GDP

Hi all. This post is a follow up from the previous post illustrating a whole economy as a simple fish pond. In this post I would like to put that content into the context of one of the most widely known economic metrics—gross domestic product, a.k.a. GDP. I highly suggest reading the original post here first! Our…

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Invasive Economics

Recently got the opportunity to participate in Sarah Gailey’s Building Beyond series. I was asked what an invasive species might look like that had invade the global economy. You can read it here.

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Fish Pond Economy

Many introductory economics textbooks, micro or macro, focus their definition of economics around resource utilization and scarcity. Scarcity is important—it gives rise to tradeoffs, and, in one way or another, most of economics is about tradeoffs. It’s worth noting this profound emphasis on scarcity doesn’t imply the necessity of income inequality or for anyone to…

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I am an economist and a science fiction and fantasy writer. I started this blog because when I go to workshops, a lot of fellow writer have questions about economics for world building. I know not everyone is like me— introductory economics makes few hearts sing—but when I have taught undergrad econ in the past,…

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