I am an economist and a science fiction and fantasy writer. I started this blog because when I go to workshops, a lot of fellow writer have questions about economics for world building.

I know not everyone is like me— introductory economics makes few hearts sing—but when I have taught undergrad econ in the past, building the concepts through stories seemed to help a lot of folks develop intuition around the economic concepts in a way that was accessible and relatively painless.

I want to share some of these stories because I’ve realized they have utility beyond first year econ students. I hope they will be helpful to some SFF and speculative writers working on world building who have questions about the fundamental mechanics of different kinds of economies or aspects of economic thinking.

Next post, I will start with an extremely simple illustration of the productive capacity of an economy, including an illustration of sustainable or steady state consumption. The illustration uses a fish pond and I’ll be experimenting with Tiktok as a visual medium.